Heating and Cooling Solutions
for New Homes

STORAGE WATER HEATERS (Natural Gas & Electric)
Offering one of the largest selections of best-in-class equipment in the business.

Reliance Home Comfort™ has been providing builders and homeowners with superior hot water solutions, technical support and customer service for over 50 years, including ENERGY STAR®-qualified water heaters. We offer a variety of quality Storage Tank Water Heaters (Electric and Natural Gas) that provide energy-efficient and worry-free home comfort to homebuyers.

A larger number of Ontario new home builders choose to partner with Reliance to help meet their homebuyer customer hot water needs:

  • EF 0.67 ENERGY STAR®-qualified gas-fired water heaters for most new homes – increasing your homes’ marketability and saving your homebuyers up to 15% on the energy consumed by their water heater*
  • Quality manufactured equipment by industry leaders – natural gas and electric water heaters manufactured by Rheem, GSW and Giant
  • Extensive range of water heaters and sizes – Direct Vent, Power Vent, Electric and specialty tanks for Combo Heating applications. Tank sizes range from 40 gallon to 75 gallon
  • On-site technical support, design and engineering assistance
  • Elimination of capital costs – Reliance™ covers most equipment costs
  • Model home and décor centre marketing support – Reliance Home Comfort offers training to your staff, in addition to informative product material, to help educate homebuyers on the features and benefits of our rental programs and equipment

Homeowners renting their water heater from Reliance enjoy the following benefits:

  • No repair bills – all equipment repairs, parts and labour required as a result of normal use are included throughout the life of the rental equipment**
  • Live telephone support 24/7/365, for all their inquiries – 1-866-RELIANCE (735-4262)
  • Guaranteed service – our large network of friendly, licensed technicians provides expert service
  • FREE equipment replacement – should it be un-repairable following normal use**
  • High-efficiency equipment – offering up to 15% savings on the energy consumed by their water heater*
  • No up-front equipment costs – just one affordable, competitive monthly charge

An endless supply of hot water – and energy-efficient, too

Imagine never running out of hot water. Our condensing and non-condensing Tankless Water Heaters offer a compact, energy-efficient solution that provides a continuous supply of hot water, and is backed by lifetime warranty and superior service and expertise.

Ontario home builders choose to install Reliance tankless water heaters in new homes for the following reasons:

  • Innovative products to differentiate your project – Tankless Water Heaters deliver value to your homebuyers by helping to reduce monthly water heating energy costs*
  • Condensing tankless water heaters:
    • provide a higher heat output, which works well in larger homes.
    • are up to 96% efficient (non-condensing models are up to 82% efficient).
    • waste less heat, providing homebuyers with even more energy savings on their hot water usage.*
    • are Energy Star ®-qualified, which helps your green building profile (this is true of non-condensing as well)
  • Quality manufactured product equipped with multiple features – we only supply quality equipment manufactured by leading brands/companies in the industry
  • Compact design frees up more floor space – Tankless Water Heaters typically occupy 1/3 the footprint of storage-type water heaters
  • Technical support – Reliance Home Comfort offers technical support to help your contractors install equipment efficiently and with ease

How do they work?

Tankless Water Heaters heat on demand – i.e., not until water flow is detected. Then, and only then, the gas burner ignites to heat the water as it passes through a copper heat exchanger. When the demand for water ceases, the tankless unit shuts down and uses no energy. (Limited applications).

An integrated, energy-efficient solution for both space heating and domestic hot water needs.

With an ENERGY STAR®-approved integrated system application, boilers work in conjunction with an air handler and water heater storage tank to fulfill a dual space and water heating purpose. Thanks to its compact wall-hung design, boilers provide more living space and are quiet and efficient. Plus, by offering high performance at an attractive price, boilers can fit into any homeowner’s budget.

Many Ontario builders are choosing to install boilers in new homes for the following key reasons:

  • Integrated system, energy-efficient product – providing an efficient source of hot water for both heating homes and supplying domestic hot water. We supply only proven technology from industry leaders
  • Customized solutions for any housing project – provides flexibility for combination heating systems in multi-floor, stacked town and single-family home designs
  • 95% AFUE-efficient units – offer energy savings for both heat and domestic hot water
  • No up-front equipment costs – just one predictable monthly charge
  • Extremely quiet operation – quieter than most refrigerators
  • Built-in automatic frost protection – to prevent freeze-up during long shut-off periods

* Savings are dependent on usage and cost of energy source. Please see Key Account Managers for more detail. ** Subject to standard rental programterms and conditions. ™ Trademarks of Reliance Comfort Limited Partnership. ® The ENERGY STAR® mark is administered and promoted in Canada by Natural Resources Canada. Used with permission.

To learn more about the Reliance Builder Program, click here to find a Key Account Manager in your region.

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